Hello Ambroisa

I just got a lovely email from a complete stranger I've never seen before. I just want to make it public. If your going to try attack me, try do it a little better then that mate.
The following email is what has been said so far-
Ambroisa says: July 28th, 2010 at 05:11 AM F*cking ugly immature dumb*ss.
ReeceH says: July 28th, 2010 at 05:16 AM Nice to meet you too ;)

Nice work, I am not one to come after
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Some people are idiots, sorry you had this experience.

Hmmmmmmmmmm thanks kwoody

Thankyou Auntie

No Auntie, but I still worry....... I can't help it

Alterdego- She's the one I worry about, I worry about my family =(<br />
<br />
OrchidCherryBlossum- Thankyou for your kind words

I guess.....

Yeah Auntie

I don't know Auntie, I have never seen them before =(

I don't even know who it is Auntie =(

**hugs you close**

Thankyou Baby, that means alot **holds you back so tight**

Giggles4488- I know Mother Dear, I flag and I try to do the right thing, but its hard..... =(<br />
<br />
jrjh143- I'm ok Babe **hugs you back** I just want the people I care about to know whats going on<br />
<br />
softkitti- Thanks Kitti, appreciate it Darling

*kitti runs in .. takes special green bat .. especially made for wackos and hits wierdo pm until it dies a horrible death* ...there Reece .. my goodness .. ah la la .. you answered very well.. though .. now if you need some more kitti muscle .. I have a purple bat .. ready to give out a whoopy whip a** .... =-D

Aaw, I know hon. It's disturbing when someone you don't know just pops up and starts berating you. But it isn't just you, we are all very tired of it and that's why we stay off here so much lately. EP really does nothing to stop the worst cases of harassment and trolling. Hopefully they will leave you alone now that you've put their name up for all to see.

I hate it and it worries me, I don't even know who this person is =(

I love your answer :) I enjoy opening my mail and it says "You are going to hell". I don't understand those nutjobs! Obviously they have no life.

Thankyou Gorgeous **hugs you back**