i recently got into a bit of a brawl with someone on here. i posted an experience where i said i was ugly (i have self-esteem issues i guess) and he messaged me, calling me 'sweetheart' and saying i was 'desirable'. that's doesn't seem bad, but he was about 40 years old and i'm 14. he asked for my location and i said no, and i just let him know that i was much, much younger than him. he said "age isnt anything...except a indication of a shallowminded, superficial, sheeple mentality" idk. he said i could be catfishing (wtf) and i said that was scary and idek why. but then he said i was too young, and on the wrong site. he said i wasn't genuine, and i wouldn't be willing to put effort into any relationship. i told him that he couldn't make those judgements about someone he barely knows, and over the internet. i said i wasn't putting effort into talking to him because he was much older than me. he said i was still in the 'whiny, desperate for attention phase'. then he blocked me so i couldn't respond. maybe i was acting a little.. i don't know.. but i'm laughing because before i could say anything back, he made sure i couldn't message him again. i understand internet fights are stupid, but at least let me finish my argument, you know?
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Well the guy you were fighting with needs to be on How to catch a prefator.

This was very insightful...thanks