Left Handed People Are Evil

Well not everywhere, but here in italy people think im a witch and they im capable of turning left sinistro on them, sinister at any given moment. to make matters even more redic,my husband is muslim...he swears hes not but always tries to make me eat with my right hand. I hate all the attention i get about being left handed, i was ask how could i be a christian, if im using my left hand, my faith is always questioned here. my husband was left handed as a child and the school made him write with his write hand. it wasnt easy for me growing up, i went to catholic school, no lefty scissors there, i always pissed another kid off when i was constantly bumping their arm we had our desk in rows and i was the only lefty. the teacher made me get up and go stand in the corner. i get bad looks when i use my left hand mostly from other cultures. Recently we just discovered our son favors his left hand, my husband has already inforced the right hand. i feel bad for my lil man. theres not much i can do, i dont want to see him struggle like i did. but at the same time i want to embrace who he is.
BrighterDaze BrighterDaze
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012