Have You Heard Of Rumi?

It's his short name, but he was Muslim mystic in Afghanistan in the 12th century, hundreds of years before any of this **** happened. His books of poetry and meditations are widespread throughout the world and found to be incredibly insightful, inspiring and penetrating. I assume Kimmy made this group and I thank you for making my day. This group's name and Kimmy's story reminded me of one of Rumi's one liners that I've forgotten for a several years:

Prayer is an egg.

Being a mystic, you just think all day and sometimes you write about it. It sounds painful and debilitating but for those whose minds are made for going to places of the soul where most people would not dare to venture, like a deep sea diver, not knowing how far to go down until something worth mentioning is found. Luckily only the good ones keep getting published after a century or so. Sometimes they can bring up things that we were part of who we are
The whole I idea that we as people can reach the divine through some kind of communication that can be understood by that divine beyond our senses is incredible. I don't know if you're an atheist but if you're agnostic or think there's Something out there, then the possibilities of this verse can inspire and hope the crack the shell that has . It's an idea that words and action out of warmth and kindness can beckon forth a whole new world of possibility and potential.

But of course this is just an idea from an Afghani cave dweller 800 years ago. . . Just a thought.
Arimatheus Arimatheus
26-30, M
May 5, 2012