“Nobody Says You Must Laugh, But a Sense of Humor Can Help You Overlook the Unattractive, Tolerate the Unpleasant, Cope With the Unexpected, and Smile Through the Day”

I don't get it. I could be in a room with tons of people, and I still feel lonely. I have a boyfriend and a few good close friends, but I still feel lonely. I just want someone to get it. To get me! Know me... and be here.

I have a lot of good friends, but not one of them live near me. Dam oceans, so pretty but such a wedge!

It's not that I'm complaining really... and it's not that it bothers me much. I just get a little sad sometimes. Everyone does.

LeaveAndTakeMeWithYou LeaveAndTakeMeWithYou
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7 Responses Feb 5, 2009

lets try and see, im all ears!

I would really like to be "known" .. i mean, being surrounded with people whom you love and love you is a wonderful thing, and i quite enjoy it at times. But sometimes, i just wonder if theres anybody on the planet that knows me, and if they could know me- if they would run away screaming.

:D Maybe I will!

mee too hun!

Should come over here and live in Washington.

:D thanx! here's hoping!

Ya , sure it sucks ..<br />
I Can feel the same too , even though i miss my friends who weren't even my " best " friends ..!<br />
<br />
Hold it together , maybe ur " IT " day , is yet to come :)