For a little while I thought my loneliness was gone forever, needless to say I was a bit too optimistic. After being in a relationship for almost five years now I have come to realize that I am almost just as lonely as I once was single. I moved to a new city and state in which I know no one, and my boyfriend is not only a few hours away, but works full time and has little down time. I never realized it until now, but I have always been lonely. Since I was a kid I've always felt isolated even when surrounded by people. There is this impenetrable wall that very few people ever cross and I don't know exactly how to tear it down.
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I ask this only because I have the same problem but I think I know why. I have no sense of identity. I feel like a chamilion, I just mirror off of other people's personality. It works out but it srill leaves me lonely. When im alone I feel like I am just a shell. Do you ever feel this way?

When I was younger I definitely related to this but I never felt like a shell alone, I felt like I could actually be myself and remove my mask. I always did things to please others, and it took many years to get out of that and be comfortable with my own wants and needs. With building my own identity came isolation and losing friends who really I can't relate with now.