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Hello Everyone,

I am wondering if there is any students in this group. I am one of those mature students who constantly hates it when the teacher asks us to find a partner ourselves. I mean, what if there is a odd number of people?

In my class there cannot be a group of three. That is because the profession that I am going into (Massage Therapy) only needs two people.

The problem that I have with this is that most of the other students choose their friends or people that they are comfortable with. Now, I have had a few partners, but there was one time that I haven't had any, and I almost cried. And also, I've had partners more than once (Which is not good). And by the way, I am not blaming those partners that I had more than once, they know and they know that they have to get to try their massage on different people. And there is already one person in the class that doesn't want to be or do a massage. I don't understand why she is in the program in the first place. Another problem is that some students already dropped out of the program due to the intensity (Hey there is more to being a Massage Therapist than doing a massage. For one thing, you have to know something about the human body).

I am hoping that those other peers of mine will be getting the worst person that they least expect to be on the Massage table as their client.

My brother was right when I talked to him about this. The teacher should be the one choosing the partners for us. Not the students. I hate it because picking a partner reminds me of being picked last on a team in High School.

This is another note to all teachers too. You pick the partners for your students all the time. Even if the kid doesn't like the other kid, they can't do anything about that, it's a lesson they would have to learn in case they do get a business partner that they don't get along with. Or something like that.

This is why I don't like being alone most of the time. Other people, young and old, would rather be with people in their "cliques" and not go out of their circle to meet different people. Especially those of us that are outsiders in society.

Anyway, can anybody relate to me on this one? I know that the general response would be to let it go, but it's hard for someone who has never had a close friendship and is a worrier.

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Thanks for your comment. At least I am not alone with my problem.

no i undersand fully i dont like that stuff and i agree with everything u said i ask myself the same questions too stometimes