Picking Partners: An Update.

Hello Everyone,

Today, I just told the professor and one of the classmates why I am having problems with finding my own partner for a Massage. The reason: I am afraid of being rejected. The most common thing that they would say in this class is "I've already got a partner."

That is my biggest beef about teachers having us choose our own partners. At least there was something that I had to get out of my system. And besides, I don't know who I am going to massage in my final practicum for this course. I'm not worried about that because there is always an extra person just in case. But my problem is how am I going to study for this. I don't have any real life friends.

The only family members I have are my parents. But they are not reliable. For one, I don't think that my dad has any interest in it, and my mother has high blood pressure.

Anyways, can someone relate to fear of rejection? That's all I am asking.


Midnight Starr

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I fear rejection and am very hurt if it happens but its how life is sometimes got to accept it and move on

Hell Yes!<br />
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Ive lived with it all my life. My mum had 7 of us and didnt give a toss about the youngest 6. Ive spent 50 years wanting someone to want me just for me but never being able to ask in case they turn me away. Im seen as strong independant self sufficient etc etc but Im not. Im just scared of rejection and Im the only person I know who is guaranteed not to let me down

bluerose12,<br />
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It's hard to change your thinking when you were taught to think that way in the first place. Mind you that I still with my mother. I wish that I can move out, but then again, I'm the emotional spender.<br />
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Mind you that I am trying my best to meditate. But changing my outlook takes more than that. I've also been seeing a counsellor. I've been seeing therapist most of my life and still nothing happens. <br />
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I know that it has to do with me. I have to change my own behavior. But what works for me?