My Very Long Story.....

Well it started when I was 14, just a dumb kid but making decisions that would change my life forever.  If I was to describe myself loyal would be on top of that list,  many of you would think that is a good thing and yes it is to a point but for me I think I take it a little to far.  I meet my husband when I was 14 and married him when I was 25, our relationship was never perfect but me being loyal never turned my back on him even when he really deserved it.  Three years after we got married we had our beautiful son and my loyalty transferred over to him, I had enough of the drinking that went on for our entire relationship and reached its all time worst after the death of his mother last year.  I moved out in September and in November my husband fell 25 feet at work and almost died, to say my loyalty is back with him is an understatement,  he is still in rehab and I visit him often, to complicate matters further his father has just passed away and we are unable to tell him due to his injuries. I want to be there for him as a friend but feel like I deserve to move on and start dating but i feel so guilty over even the thought of dating under the circumstances.

Hope31 Hope31
31-35, F
Feb 14, 2010