Since When Does Being Kindhearted Mean You Are Weak..

I believe in the old treat others how you would like to be treated yourself philosophy. I think it applies in all situations, in all aspects of life.
Recently I've gone through a period of reflection, because of the number of times people have used me, lied to me, disrespected me and generally made me feel totally worthless.
I just don't understand it. I couldn't act that way, couldn't be that way. I don't want to hurt anyone or cause another human to suffer, especially when they have helped me out.
I was talking to a friend about this and it was suggested to me that I "just need to harden up and stop being so weak". I don't believe kindness is a weakness, I look at it as a strength, and I plan to continue living the way my soul believes is right, despite the way people may choose to respond.
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The perception of other people seem to always be that the kind hearted are weak. The kind hearted are easily trampled upon. In truth it takes far more strength then others can comprehend to be kind hearted. We push through, knowing what is right. We don't need religion to tell us what to do. We just know how it feels to be human, we want to make that experience as pleasant as possible to those around us. That takes strength stoicism & pride to be as such in such a cynical superficial society. It is easy to be a turd, to be kind is to be strong. You fight against the norm.

Bravo my dear.. Couldn't have put it better.. Don't change and become like those that treat you this way... Always be your kind self... It's not a weakness it is a strength... You just have to read the signs earlier and when you do don't put up with it... Speak up and voice your opinion... Proud of you for being you and true... Take care Jane.... Mike

had a conversation like thsi with a few friends a few weeks ago.. Too often kindness is confused with weakness.. Is the mother of 4 working two jobs to raise her kids in a decent area weak? Mother Teresa.. Kind as they come. And shrewd as the come as well.. Ghandi.. MLK.. And many many others...