He Saved Me When I Went Astray

I have been carried, i have been a veggietable, i killed my brain with L. S. D or acid as it was called,. I laid on hospital bed after hospital bed. In and out of psychiatric ward after another. I have been administered ever or almost every medication that the F. D. A. Would allow, to no avail. I lost fifteen years of my life, ten of which I begged, demanded, ripped pages out of the bible and stopped the holy words to nothing. I hated Christianity yet I still prayed blasphemies where scream. I did not like the fact that I had to pick up Jesus to talk to my father. I dislike the middleman approach I did not pick up a guy to purchase my drugs, that I ever so loved. So if I had to go through someone to get what I wanted I. despised and forsake that which I wanted. Then I learned a lot which was actually a lot un measurable amount about christ. I learned that he loved me and died and was God, just not the way I thought, he saved me. I am 16 years old in my emotions and my mind, but 29 years old in flesh. You see friends and Christians carried me around as if I was unable to walk. Like Stephen Hawkins or some poor fellow stuck in a well chair. However they fought for me and demanded I be allowed to attend where I ever so just had to be, in my thoughts. However they carried my mind around that way, despite my efforts to hinder them unable them to help me they loved me, my mother Vicki, was the main stretcher carrying the care and empathy emotions, my father Roy, carried my faith,my brother Jeremy was my sword before christ he made you accept me or you got hurt, but family was not enough, for me I'm selfish I wanted friends too, then I met fergie, or yoda, lol his name is David he gets most credit out of mankind because he hate no obligation to me in my mind to love me, he showed me compassion and gave me not faith but did not doubt that I could, when I woke up and had no own he and his roommate or whatever they are open not just their home, they open their hearts and he handed me the ability to be able to kinda like myself and spoke of Jesus so perfectly and patently and with all his heart, God Bless my friend David aka Yoda, aka Fergie, and Anne his mom Dianna and son Eric, for if their ever was a model to mimic apon mankind he is it, I love this man unconditionally under Jesus I would run through anything for this man and that's no homosexual talk, let me hear you do this family bad and to God ill send you with toe for them to tag, then my childhood friend my closest friend came back in my life after years of praying and searching for him, I mean he must have heard me and dropped Randy right out of the sky because out of no where when my company had to be over encumbered for all the others listed above, And I craved more this guy messaged me on Facebook and it was like God hit the play button on my standstill life, I was brought to a church that bore no judgment and because of Jesus got saved me, my mind is growing and I am aging emotionally and I will be an adult now if that is not Jesus you configure a better equation to input in my aquation we can battle this forever because I'm a gangster to the fullest extent just instead of rags and sets Jesus is my one and only O. G FORSAKE Jesus now satan if you can home original God is the one Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior you can walk with him too he loves everyone homie
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Sep 9, 2012