he is so awesome in movies. a good actor. but i really really don't love him and i never have... i just love how he plays the part in the movie. :D at least the adds on tv were funny *sigh* "they tried to stone me. it did not work" love the way he speaks... now excuse me.
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Oh right... l may want to check it out when it comes out, although I have some reservations about it as I explained.

I suppose... but in my point of view, some things that have cult status should not be tinkered with! However, I might give it a chance... This reminds me, I felt the same way about the recent remake of the original "Star Trek"... I ended up actually liking some things about it, but not everything.

Hey Ligg, did you see the movie? I grew up in the 60s with the original cult classic soap opera (way before you were born I'm sure) and the great charm of that show had to do with it being just plain weird and scary, not funny... the original Barnabas Collins played by Jonathan Frid, well, he made it into what it was because he had such great charisma. It's very difficult for me to picture how they could actually put humor into it unless it's somewhat of a spoof, but I am curious...