I had been talking to an old friend for a few months before I took a trip to go see him. I knew that if I went I would kiss him. I have been so disillusioned with my marriage for a long time and wondered what it would be like. It was amazing. He was completly opposite of my husband and I would love to kiss him again. Maybe soon. I am waiting for the right time.... whenever that is.

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If the timing is right lol.

Well I had a bit of a similar experience but this was from my acting classmate. We have been scene partner for months and I felt we got really close. It was just a greeting kiss but it felt very sweet to me. People would probably assume we were dating .


OMG - this is the second story I have read that has happened to me too - but I am the guy.<br />
My old friend ran into me at the football and chased me - then things happened - after my wife had "separated" from me - under the same roof when I was so aggrieved.<br />
So - good luck - tread lightly. But do not go gently into that goodnight - rage rage against the dying of the light!