Me and my wife are not on talking terms over me not being allowed to parent my step kids she constantly tells them not to do what I asked and to do what I ask them not to do and yells at me for parenting I don't know what to do for 1 week we have not talked I don't have any friends
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Im with you,my wife gets mad at me for getting on to my step daughter all the time cause shes always doing something she isnt suppose to be doing and she wants to argue and tell me what she is and isnt goimg to do,my wife lets her kids as she always tells me get a way with everything,she once told me not to dicipline her kids she would from now on and the next day they did something and she told me to dael with it and i said NO they are your kids you do it urself,cause they never stay punished more than half a day cause the cry amd make her feel sorry about them being in trouble and that bugs the heck ouuta me.

I have two step children. I never been angry with them. My wife angry always. I constandly use my oppertunities to show them, I love them. I seldom ask anything from them. They always follow, what I seldom ask. Love them regardless your wife. The childrens sympaty is on me. Good luck.

That sounds like an excellent plan!