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hi all, im jen , ive been married to mark now for 15 years , when we married he was an infantry soldier , he served 9 years with the battalion,then came out of the army.........until 4 years ago when he signed back up !  glutten for punishment or what ! lol,  so since then weve had 3 moves to where we are now this is hopefully a more permenant home  but we'll weight and see eh,  its not that much different to how it was the first time round so far alot of the wives ive met tend to wear their husbands rank!!! with me nah its  .......what happens in green stays in green ! im quite down to earth,like to have a laugh ,i dont see why the wives cant just be wives  i mean what difference should rank make? none !!!!!  well i'll leave it for here i sure hope to from some other uk army wives although it doesnt really matter if your not married to a uk soldier lol ,or if your planning on getting married or if your a wife of someone serving in one of the other forces i dont mind hope to chat soon best wishes jen x

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