My Life Unfourtantly

I was born in michiagain and my parents moved us kids down here so we could be close to are papa. I remeber the first day meeting him i was so scared he was so big I hide be hind my mom and ran circles around her when he would move to see me ( I loved him so much ). I remeber my mom getting so mad cause he would preach to people in jail and we rode along one time he tough us how to do spit wods and i remeber asking him that day if santa was real well he told me nope my mom was so angry. In 2001 he died from cancerand i remeber being picked up from school in the middle of the day wondering what was going on we got to the hospital and a blood clout had hit his loungs they got him back for 5 sec and then he was gone just like that not even 6 months afterwords my family moved to a new town but  I still remeber when we were in school and my parents wouldnt let us come home cause they knew we just wanted out of school so we would call my papa and he would come and get us and take us to dairy queen(they would get so mad) and i remeber sitting in AA with him ( he had two diffrent AA buildings and he was there for every one came his way even if he didnt know them).So once we moved my mom went colleg and my dad worked at the college and us kids went to school. Shortly afterwards my sister was exspelled for calling in a bomb threat to get out of school for the afternoon (stupid yes she regretts it) followed by me getting exsplled for getting in to much trouble.Not even a week after words the worst day of my life acurd and the cops wouldnt do anything about it ( i still see him wondering around town sometimes and there is nothing i can do) the cops said they went to school with him so i had the wrong person cause they knew him. Me and my sister ran away from home to Texas and were found alittle over a year later we were then stuck in CYFD's coustody for a few years but shortly after being back with our parents my parents opened a pet store here in town and us kids worked in the store untill my sister got a job and moved on her own. But thats where i met my husband and his brother he was skipping school and came in to the pet store they stayed there till it was almost closing time ( we have been together ever since that day). The pet store wound up going down hill and closing down so my parents bought a house just off of town (literally you walk across the street and you were in city limits walk back to the house you were in county). About a week after turning 18 we got married (rate on the side of that house) it was a small and hurried wedding but it was beautiful and specail. We moved in to a little apartment rate down the road for about 6 months we lived there. My sister got her ged and went to college about the same time as us moving. My husband lost his job and got a new one about 200 hundered miles away we lived with his family till we could move on our own (thank god) i dont get along with them they kept on telling me they were trainging me but they live there lives and think about life and things people do was wrong in my opion there racist and hateful they can do no wrong in there minds but every thing every one else does is wrong there rich stuck up snobs (i mean dont get me wrong i know some pretty nice rich people but they aint one of them) and it was very annoying. So we moved and then about four months ago my husband moved me 200 hundered miles away back to that crappy little town and he went and lived with his family while i live with mine ( He says there are reasons that we have to many bills but i dont understand why he cant pay them from here)(in my mind it just boils down to he dont want to live live in this crappy town but it fine for me to live here by myself) His father passed away about two months ago and when i was there for the funeral we found a lump in my breast I go in july and get it taken out it was the second cancer scare i had but thank goddnes it wasnt cancerice. But now i regrett evey thing i dont have a GED or anything pass a 7th grade education i cant get a job my parents are gonna loose there house my family falling apart i have no where to go once my parents loose this house and im loosing my husband with each passing day and my only talents cant get me no where with out a colleg education and i need a GED for that but the only way to get it is to drive 17 miles every day for a whole month and i dont have a car or fullfledged licenc and i cant get the full fledged licence with out a car the DMV will let me use for a drivers test so im stuck between to mountain with out any rope and when i try to climb them i fall half way up and im still trying to climb those mountains but no one will though me a rope to get up and the harder i try to climb by myself the harder the fall
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I read so many stories from people who have given up, It sounds to me like you haven't given up. Well don't give up! Giving up is for loosers, and you don't sound like a looser. keep trying and you will get what you need. Good luck!

thank you very much

You are in the best place you can be in the bottom. <br />
All that is left, is going forward, pressing ahead and moving upward.<br />
Happiness is surrounded by Life and Life isn't always fair.<br />
You married an idiot, so what - don't make the same mistake again!<br />
You realize the importance of an education - many people don't ever see that.<br />
You have already had a lesson in Life 101.<br />
Be responsibile for your own Happiness.<br />
one day some one will read this and see you as a stronger woman.<br />
What do you need...believe in yourself to be that stronger woman.

Is it possible to contact the GED program and find out if someone in your area is currently involved in getting their GED? Maybe you can get a ride over with them. Worth a try...

It's sad, the illiteracy that America succumbs...

nope no family cant afford the online classes for the ged and they dont do the ged program at all where i live i have to go to the next town over and thankyou for the luck i need it rate now and i wish you luck as well