Puerto rican and israeli from father, suisse-german from mother.
It's funny when people often mistakenly guess me for an indian or arabian 😁
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I would've guessed Israeli;)

Aha! ;)

An Israeli goddess to be exact ;)

AS I have always said if we were dogs we would be mutts from an English,Irish,German,Slovenian and Hungarian.


Haha that's exactly how I describe myself. A mutt. Kudos.

Thanks for your opinion.

You just beautiful. Exotic lucky girl


Well you do got that exotic look. I'm half Black (West Indian - Trinidad; & African American) and half Arab (All of North Africa) but I look black to most people. I do have some German in me as well, a bit of BerBer, East Indian too. But just mainly black & Arab. I think it's a beautiful mix

I agree! We do have a beautiful mix 😊

Yes we do :)

I actually thought u were Arabian i see why they guess that

Haha see..