...that about sums it up really.

I have been in a longterm relationship for 5 years and life after the fact seems daunting to say the least. I've tried, what I can only presume would constitute as "dating" twice....and it has been horrible! Either I came on too strong....or I'm not interesting enough...or I play it too cool...either way....the problem lies with me. That I know. It's like I can't function normally, like I've become socially awkward...sighs, this is causing havoc with my selfesteem and although I know that I need to just relax I have to admit that I am petrified of ending up alone...old....no teeth and more cats than I can count!

This dating thing is so hard....guess I'm on here basically just to vent and not feel so stupid about it all. So I'm hanging up my 'looking for a bloke' boots and settling for maybe, just maybe making some decent friends.

..have you ever had a moment thinking to yourself..."how the hell did I end up being so pathetic?"

Thanks for reading guys!
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..have you ever had a moment thinking to yourself..."how the hell did I end up being so pathetic?"
It's not just you..
"I M So Ashamed Ive Embarrassed Myself In Front Of Everyone"

I feel pathetic. And Im terrified to grow old alone. Im 35 and newly single and scared. I hvnt been single since i was 19 so this is new. I have 4 kids and am 6 ft tall so i feel i hve limited options & hard to get out and meet people. Everyone tells me I wont grow old alone and ill meet someone but it doesnt feel like it. Maybe my breakup is still too fresh & im still so heartbroken I dont see the future being okay. Hopefully time helps all of this.

Thank you...made me smile thru my tears. I have such a nice life. My own home, 4 wonderful children, an ok relationship w/their daddy, own my own daycare & hve a respiratory therapy license & will go back to work there when my youngest child goes to school. I have an amazing supportive family & many wonderful friends. So much going for me. But losing the love of my life & being single makes it hard to appreciate any of it when im so broken. I just pray i crawl thru this & come out whole & stronger :(

your not alone in feeling like this. 23 years of marriage then trying to date again. i have never been so scared. you will find someone when you least expect it. good luck xx

Thank you! It must be even tougher after 23yrs!!! My 5 seems dismal in comparison! I wish you the best of luck too and I really hope that you will find that special someone that makes all of this dating rubbish well worth it!

i wasnt trying to make your 5 years appear dismal at all confused. was saying it is hard to get back in the dating game after a long term relationship. mr right might bump into you tomorrow you never know xx