Says who?

I'm human, you know, like you, l have feelings, l love, l hurt, l cry. l wonder at the world we live in. Humans fascinate me with their double standards.

I screw up ...sometimes big what?

Life is an experience!

There is no right or wrong ...

Life should be embraced amd poeople loved for who they are is skin deep..

Our Creator knew what he was doing...

As l say, I'm no Angel ;-)
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7 Responses Aug 23, 2014

that is so TRUE

Neither am I!

People loved for what is inside!! I have met some lovely people here. There are always things to be learned and discovered.
The beauty of my friends on EP is in their minds.
Thank you Misty!! This is a great description of being human.

There;s a lot of people worth experiencing out there, expect to meet a lot of duds along the way

Sounds to me like you're the best kind of angel :)

Sooo your a demon?!! Lol

You got it sister!!