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I have a personal investment in this particular issue. On many levels. Why do you have to take the innocence? It shows your insecurity. Makes you feel better about yourself? Powerful? Don't try to justify your lust for teen girls. It makes you look even more stupid. Why do you not find WOMEN attractive? Take it to your own level. 
Now, pre-teens ...that's a whole other can of worms. You can just maybe die if you want/do that.
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

Erm... Yes unfortunately we can talk all we want but ep doesn't seem to do anything about this particular guy so many reported and complained about. We better shut up because there are some stupid arse people that will flag our stories saying we are harassing them while fighting pedofarks... Wtf ever!!! Right... Just shows they do not bloody will care at all!

Oh yeAh wasting so much energy on us.... We are your Queens arsehole now bow and worship to the ancestors of Bastet!!!! Lmao

Yes I think so too!

Seeing all the things people think really worries me :(

Yeah deleted some of my stories about this because apparently people felt offended and started to attack me left and right... Saying I harass them WTF...just shows they do not care about children getting abused only about their bruised egos... You won't believe how many people stand up for these morons!!!!