I Don't Usually Do Much More Than Read On Here But...

this exchange got me blocked by Greenbare. Interesting. I have been following many of the groups and his vehment comments in support of child predators and commented on his story in this group...which apparently has been flagged because it isn't visible.

Child predators are beneath contempt. Child predators of both sexes and all sexual persuations need to be disposed of summarily. This is not Feminism...this is common sense protection of our kids.

I am just wondering if anyone reads anything in this exchange that is worthy of deleting comments and blocking. Definitely an indication of a lack of confidence in ones "convictions" if this fellow is able to dish it out but not take it....and this was mild...and certainly not in violation of EP's terms of service.

Anyhow...here it is...cut pasted and saved....My original post is labeled 2. his reply and then my reply to it...you can find his 3rd wave feminist garbage over on the activity side of the main page of this group.

1.Posted by notatheorist on May 8th, 2012 at 6:28AM

1. then why do you spew so much of it?

2. I am a man. My equipment is functional. Straight. Married. with kids. Pervert? Perhaps. It depends on your definition. I think it is pretty hypocritical to call some one a pervert (3rd grade name calling) when a fairly large part of society would read your profile and wonder about you. Bothered or offended by your name calling? nope.

3. As far as the third grade name calling part, I would suggest that you look at some of your comments and whiteboard posts that you have left for others (the ones you have not deleted) and ask yourself if you can honestly make a comment like this. I am missing any third grade comments in my post above...but maybe, since I am a third grader (LOL!) I wouldn't be able to recognize them.

4. yup 4....this one is mine. It is obvious that you feel comfortable behind your anonymous profile (as I do mine) but perhaps you should look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really the man you think you are. I highly doubt it.

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Posted by notatheorist on May 7th, 2012 at 7:57PM

You seem to know an awful lot about hate. I have read a bunch of your stories and comments and I fail to see what you think you are gaining other than spite. You are not protecting anyone, quite the opposite it seems. You are not leading some mythical charge against feminism. That ship has failed. It sounds, after reading your stories and comments like you are a frustrated old man with erectile disfunction who is actually afraid of women because of the possiblility (slim though it is) that one would actually expect you to perform. I have not been intimidated by a woman since I was about 16 (and she was my highschool english teacher....wowza!), but I am sure you will have some comment calling me a lesbian or mangina or other such nonsense in responce to this comment. That is unless you simply delete it as I have seen others accuse you of doing. It seems to me that the one filled with hate is you. A real man does not get so defensive and spit such ridiculous venom.

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Reply by Greenbare May 7th, 2012 at 8:09PM

1. Yes, I've seen way too much hate. Hate always hurts people. There is no "good" hate. 2, I also have no respect for perverts who won't say if they are a man or a female. That's just sick. 3. People who can't say anything other than 3rd grade name calling are not adding to any discussion and should be deleted.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

There is a number of reasons why a person may not want their identity known. This is to protect people who work as professionals who may have confessions they want to make. This is why this site exists. No nudity is supposed to be shown on the profiles. I do flag as a volunteer stories that tend to be what a predator might want to say. All I can do is flag something but it takes time for it to be dealt with.