Not Even Close

i started wearing my sisters dresses and skirts  at age 7.  while it was a secret to my family some friends  knew and would dare me to go places while dressed years later i still dress as much as possible but i dint do to get attention  are for any sexual reason.
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I started dressing like a girl at 5 yrs old. My sister and mom got tired of me dressing in their clothes, so they made me into a girl for life.

Where did you go to when your friends dared you?

mostly to places around like the circle k about a three block walk from home

Great fun Spaz. Did you ever go in to buy something, and how did you feel about that if you did? Do you remember how the staff reacted? Do you still go out dressed as a pretty girl? More, more, more;-)

yes they made me buy a pair of pantie hose one time the staff didnt make a coment that time

and yes i try to still go out dressed but harder to get away with it now

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