I have no problem with those who are but even through I dress as a woman I can not see myself having sex with a man not that I have not thought about it
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2014

If you have thought about it, maybe you ought to try it. I sure wish I had tried it earlier in my life before I did. I was around your age the first time I gave in to the curiousity and played around a bit with another man. The first time wasn't all that great, but it wasn't horrible or repulsive either which kind of surprised me. But I tried it again and not being quite as nervous actually enjoyed it--a lot. Not that I'm giving up woman or anything, but dressing as a woman and playing the part of the woman during sex sure has added another (enjoyable) dimension to my sex life. My first few times with another man it was oral only--with me playing the female part. Eventually I decided that since that wasn't bad--in fact it was good that maybe anal wouldn't be all that bad either. And when I finally got brave enough to try it, it was actually great!

There should be no corolla toon between being a feminine boy and being gay! Remember not every tomboy is a dyke, and there are a lot of girls who fix cars, hunt, wear jeans and a tee shirt all the time that would age.