In Fact

There are several Ninjas in my life that I love dearly. There is a sexy European Ninja that is oh so good to me and then there is one Canadian Ninja that is quite hot himself that I am missing badly today. So no, I am not afraid of Ninjas because I love them.

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5 Responses Feb 12, 2010


mmmm yes they are!!!! Canadian Ninjas are the hottest lol.

I love you too sugar. Ninjas are just people, they get such a bad press. If you actually watch Ninja Assassin, which is quite crap to be honest, you'll see it.<br />
<br />
Some NInjas are also quite hot...hehe

Ninjas are just people too. They would only kill you if they have to and then a lot of times they kill with kindness. I love you girly! You are a good friend.

Ninjas aren't scary, just some people think they are something they're not