I Feel Like I'm In Drag

or playing dress-up like when I was a kid.  They're not something I would seriously wear, and every time I put them on I feel like I should be strutting down a catwalk or prancing around in my new super-long legs.  It actually feels really weird having legs that long, and I'd probably feel really self-conscious if I actually went out in public with them.
solarxmoon solarxmoon
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4 Responses Feb 16, 2008

I think a lot of it is that people think they're sexy. I heard that heels were originally worn by prostitutes to make their legs look longer and more "erotic," and then became a normal part of fashion, but the thing is, it's not natural to be in that position, and I heard it's not good for your back and stuff either. So once again, something that's not good for women has become sexualized in our society...

Heels do look really uncomfortable, and from what I hear they are, also. I can't really see any benefit to wearing them, anyway, they don't look any better than other shoes, if anything, shoes without high heels look better.

I can never find dress shoes. As of now, I'll wear flip flops if it's summer, and boots in the winter- as long as it's not sneakers, I'd say it's fancy enough! (unless I'm wearing pants, then I can get away with sneakers).

I only have one word to describe high heels OUCH! I've tried to walk in them and it made me walk funny I was afraid that everyone was staring at me. I have trouble finding real comfortable dress shoes. I feel like an idiot trying to prance around in high heels in public. How do other women walk in those things.