At Work...

I have a resources room attached to my office where I prepare multiple copies and bind and do stock taking of products etc.  I have this joke with the receptionist that she waits until I am in there to ring through to my office phone, when I run out, she then will start ringing the resources room.

When I am in the resources room, it is usually a deadline day and i tend to put my phone on voicemail until I get whatever is needed done, and then I get that thing worse than a ringing phone- the general announcement over a tannoy asking me to find the nearest phone and phone downstairs- usually it is over silly conformation phonecalls that I wish people would email.

I also hate the sound of a ringing phone just as I am waking up, as no matter what the tone, I integrate it into my dream as that old fashioned ringer phone and I am searching for it

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Dec 28, 2008