This Is The Strangest Title For A Group...

This is, let's face it, the strangest title for a group. Somehow, if you're a male, as soon as you're bare-assed, and a lubed, hard **** slips into your anus and starts ******* your *** to ******'re, in some way, gay. It doesn't mean you're limited to that, but it means you like ****, and liking **** means...being gay. You may be 20% gay and 80% hetero, or 100% gay and puke when you smell ****, or anything in between, or, as I am, liking to **** females in the *** except for breeding and having you own *** ****** by men...but if you enjoy receiving anal sex, well, we have news for you...somehow, man, you're gay! Don't delude yourself if you feel love is only a hetero thing and you're not gay because with men it's purely physical...doesn't change a thing. Enjoy whatever percentage of gay you may be with pride, man!
Sekhmet96 Sekhmet96
61-65, M
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

it doesnt really matter wether your homosexual or not but if your having sex with men giving or recieving,...your Gay!!!there are no two ways about it, i know that the male priniple in thinking likes to intelectualize things, to suit their own fears, be who you are in the light of day, and if you cant be, then dont point the finger at others while you live in hippoccrissy,and for those men who think that having sex with a trangendered woman is the same as being a homosexual, then you too have seriouse problems,even if not all tgw are very fem as somehow they retain the mail thinking and and can intelectualize sex the same way men do, well then she aint a real or true tr woman, and yes you'd be ******* a man even if she has plastic titsA ,true tr w is/ are very rare know the difference ,and think with your heart,only then will you get your head around the truth!!!

If a TG has, still has, or had a penis...she's neither really man nor really woman once naked. She may have a fake vagina but most of the time prefers to use the anus because...he was used to it before he became a she. What's wrong with that?

exceleny you are 100 %homo