this topic's title just slays me.............

Next time, try:  "I'm Not Gay, But I Love Getting Pounded in My ***........Preferrably While Sucking a Huge ****.....and Let Me Again Reassure You of My Not-Gayness......"
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BAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAA!!! You made me laugh so hard tears are streaming out of my face and my stomach hurts... It took almost 10 minutes to type this!

That makes two of us, your sissiness; why you didn't have a **** in each hand as well, tells me that your appetite for **** isn't that big. xox

Little pink bows...... you might be this or that.....us humans seem to have names for most anything, but it boils down that you enjoy what you enjoy.

Not gay? As in "I'm not gay all the time."? OK, I'll compromise. Since I like women too, I suppose I should be described as bisexual. Sort of bland sounding isn't it? Maybe more fun to say Omnivore?

I'm tired of the labels. How about I just enjoy a nice **** sometimes and a nice ***** others? It's easy to understand.

"sexually omnivorous"........i like that! :-)

Close, but not quite. I actually do have a preference for women, but I find men sometimes attractive enough that I can't claim to be purely heterosexual.

I am not gay lol. I am Bi though lol same thing lol right to the point very direct and done nicely. Hope we talk soon

thanx hun!
i'm actually bi as all hell, too........i just love being a sarcastic bastard & trying to reinforce personal honesty.......

Oh okay