The Let Down.

so umm... i was supposed to chill with this guy... call him man A. well i spoke to man A around 430. we had planned on him coming over at around 730- 800 to watch a movie. it was pretty set in stone. and... well.. around 730 i tried to call him to tell him to come a little later cuz i wasnt ready yet i hadnt even showered, but he didnt answer. so i jumped into the shower, got dressed did my hair and everything i needed to do to get ready. it was around 8 and still no call back so then 815 rolls around and i called him again and... no answer. it is 10:00 and man A still hasnt called... F*** him. this sux at life. but my trusty and amazing friend Helmy is coming over. however, i was rly looking forward to hanging with Man A.

how great is this?


Shae Shae
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2007