I Don't Get It!! (warning: I'm Ranting A Little Here)

So I joined EP to find ppl who had things in common with me, to see how others looked at the world, and to read about others experiences and share some of my own.

What I dont get, is that even though almost all of my stories are about my relationship with my husband, my veiws on marriage, how much I love my man etc...I still get many msgs from guys trying to flirt, start cyber sex, or even trying to get me to call them! Please read my stories and look at my profile! I Love my husband with all my heart. I would never cheat on him, even by flirt chatting! I want him to be able to look through my profile here and only see things that will please him. I do not want to have to hide anything or be embarrassed about anything in my inbox, white board or profile!!

Please add me as a friend, or chat with me if you want to discuss subjects I've written about or groups I've joined, but keep it clean! I love a good argument, or discussion. I am open to making new friends who share things in common with me. I DON'T WANT EVEN A HINT OF FLIRT! And definitely no sex talk, innuendo or anything that even remotely sounds like your hitting on me.

Thanks everyone...I'm not a *****. I just love my husband and I wouldn't ever want to hurt him in any way...
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Thanks Blessedwithbreasts! I agree entirely and it is a pleasure to share with others who have similar view points. For me, it is encouraging to know that I'm not "the only one" :-)

Expressing myself here on EP has actually been a great help to me and made me stronger in what I believe because it has forced me to put into words the reasons I live the way I do and make the choices I do. It is encouraging when people agree with me, but I also find it strengthening when people question what I write and disagree with me. One generally does not look introspectively unless one is forced to do so.

I appreciate your story (rant) I too have it quite clear in my profile that I am in a dedicated monogomous marriage. I'm not looking to chat, flirt, "share" or otherwise take away from my submissive gift to my husband to love him completely, wholy and fully. Yes, I write about sexually based subjects, but never in a way that would invite someone into my relationship with my husband. I love him more than air. I love being his wife. I love being all he needs. He is all I need! I like sharing here because it's fun to find like-minded ladies especially in certain areas of our personal life that some find odd, but here I fnd those kindred sisters who share support. that's why there are no photos posted. My body belongs to him...not the internet.

It's not a rant, because every woman is subjected to the barrage from men on here. I mean I'm hear for different things than you, but I also try to be very polite and respectful and posts like what you are done are very helpful to me to know how (or if I should) to interact with you. You are being very clear and actually very polite about it, considering. And I totally respect what you want. You have a great day!

Nah it's rant! rant! rant! Lol.


im with you on this,even tho i have been weak,but i truly am not here for sex or a booty call

feel free to vent or rant any time u like

I am above board on sex. I engage from time to time in grown-up discussions on sex on EP, which are there for anyone to see. I don't engage in flirtation on EP, and I am not among those who feel flirting with married people is OK as long as you don't get physical. I don't go to singles bars. Even if I did, I do not understand how some people are silly enough to think that EP could function as a singles bar, LOL. I started a group midnightflyer might want to join at EP Link

Thank you for your reply. I'm totally open to having discussions with anyone, male or female... I am not talking about comments or msgs about my posting etc. I'm talking about stuff like, "my number is ----- call me." OR "HI I just got back from the gym...Do you like dudes who work out?" AND stuff i wont even post because its dirty...