I Am Not Human, And I Never Will Be.

Been seven years since I became a werewolf, and I am starting to see the world in a new light. There are humans and those who aren't. Being the non-human in this case you kind of get a sense of the mistakes that humans make during there everyday lives. Through many years I have came to the same conclusion, humans are above all. Idiots.

Some I can make an acceptation for, but they don't move on from the past. Being corrupted by emotions is the one floor in humans, it corrupts them, weakens them. I don't believe I was every human, even in nursery the other kids would run and scream, while I would sit with my solitude and wonder, why don't I feel this weakness. If somebody understands what I am trying to say through this short story, or a soliloquy if you will, then please message me. I need a fellow brother/sister of the moon lit night to help me, my solitude has made me hollow and I need someone to talk to.
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Most humans actually are complete idiots if you think about it.

Since your underage I can't send you a message unless you send one to me first so lets talk. I look forward to you sending me a message.

Everyone's an idiot in some way, be they "non-human" or otherwise. It is in the natural of all things mortal. Animals, compared to humans, are generally dumb, though some rise above the others and show a greater intelligence. A perfect example would be a dog who protects his owner from assailants, or perhaps a cap who knows how to flush a toilet. Regardless of what one is or what one THINKS they are, yet aren't, everyone's an idiot in some way. Me? My idiocy stems from my fondness of being like Jim Carrey in the way of stupid comedy.

As far as I know, I am a human. However, that does not deny the fact that I can sympathize. All my life I have been hollowed out, rotting away from the inside out, all because of my constant worry, depression, anxiety, fear, need for caution, stress, and always being pushed to the shadows. I have mentally evolved to keep to myself as much as possible, and remain on guard for when I must retaliate. There are people who know that messing with me comes with a price. And then they look for a first aid kit. But it's not enough. I find it difficult to open up.

This comment is like looking at me in a mirror, message me sometime and we can talk.


I'll be your friend and your right humans are idiots:)

If you want to talk im here c: