Probably Not

I'd say I'm human, but I'm too perceptive to be human...
Well maybe a perceptive Human, but I have seen too much to be just perceptive and human
Maybe I'm just a perceptive human with really bad luck that sees too much... but that's far fetched even for me...
Perhaps a where wolf... nope
Therine?... Nah...
Vampire Blood grosses me out
Human Still no....
Domino? No
Dinosaur? Now that is just silly.
Angel? Don't recall falling from a cloud in the sky so no.
Hybrid? Not really.
Dentist? Ha Ha Ha!

I Am the protector of all those who need me. I've been called "the champion of under dogs." I am A child of destiny or fate, or maybe something else. I have super hearing and it gets me in more trouble than it's worth. I am going to hell for an eternity If and when I die. I hate most music. And I can make people dream what I want them to. I've sold my sole and saved hundreds in the process. I'm handy with a sword and have cat-like reflexes, but have never trained a day in my life. My house is haunted and is the only thing that scares the sht-out-a-me. And for what it's worth I like jelly beans and think Elvis and Tu-PAC are still alive.

Well there isn't really much that fits what I'm saying saying so let's just say for now I'm Human... but probably not.
Maybe just something else :)
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Feb 4, 2013