Leave Me Alone!!!

There is this really annoying and messed up guy who keeps showing up at my house... Mr. Nate! He's not much older than I am, in his mid-30's... but I call him Mr. because that's how much I detest him! :-/

In my lonely days, my mother was trying to set me up for a nice date, which I didn't mind. She thought of Mr. Nate, as she knew him since he was a child. He use to hang out with me and my siblings as a kid... but for the life of me, I can't remember him. I guess I was just too young or he wasn't all that special even then. So, she thought of him as the same sweet kid that he was... but he grew up and became a horrible little man!

She asked if he would date me, but he said he could not. He was in an abusive relationship (or so we thought) with a wild woman of the streets. She is an prostitute, drug addict, and proud of it and a lot crazy. So, it was no big deal to me. I didn't really care to date Mr. Nate anyways... especially when he said he really just need a woman to cook for him and take care of his son. Eh, no... I don't cook and I don't want to be used for just a free babysitter. :-o

Well, he broke up with his girlfriend and stopped by with his friend, Vaughn one day. Yep, this how I met my horrible ex of 2008. My mother asked him about Vaughn and he set it up, fast! He knew that his friend just recently got out of jail for beating up his girlfriend and that he still had a girlfriend... and Vaughn's scam for getting naive girls, like me, to fall for him, lure them to his house, and then him and his real girlfriend beat the innocent new girl and rob her of her money. He had no doubt I would be in danger with Vaughn, yet Mr. Nate set it up, hoping that after I get hurt he would look like gold to me.

Fortunately, I did not fall for Vaughn's scam and found out about his jail time, before I got brutally beaten. And then Mr. Nate took joy in saying how much of a bad guy Vaughn was! And I pointed out, "If you knew how bad he was, why in the hell did you set me up with him! That's not right!" I guess, I wasn't suppose to be that smart, because Mr. Nate turned all shades of colors and mumbled something to the effect of, "Well, I didn't think he would do that to you... just other girls." Uh, huh...

And so, Mr. Nate went back with his girlfriend and I thought that would be that. NO! He started bringing his girlfriend around with him... trying to make her jealous by flirting with me. And the woman was ready to scratch my eyes out! He kept talking badly of her and comparing her to me, saying how I dress so modestly and she dresses so trashy! And that's when she said, "It's part of my business, as you know. And you got me into it, in the first place. You don't complain when I bring in the money." So there it was... he is her pimp, basically. :-o

SO, I started to hide in my room, whenever he stopped by. And when his girlfriend crossed the line and started to try to get "business" from my mother's boyfriend, Mr. Trim... she was banned from the house! And I keep begging my mother to ban Mr. Nate too... but she won't listen to me. :-/

So, I hide in my room, until he leaves. But one time... he caught me! I heard a knock on the door and I thought it was my mother coming back home, so I opened it. It was HIM! I was not happy and rude to him. I slammed the door in his face. Stupid fool ran back to my mother and said, "Your daughter was so nice to me! i think she likes me! Can I date her?" AHHHHHHHHHH! I got upset and yelled to my mother, "No, I don't! I slammed the door in his face! How is that nice???" My mother laughed and said that maybe he's a little clueless... A LITTLE???

And just last week, I couldn't sleep and stayed up all night until mid Friday morning. So, I decided to get some sleep. I was awaken, as Mr. Nate was screaming outside of my bedroom door! My mother was yelling at him, "Be quiet! Dani is trying to sleep!" And he yelled, "I'm not yelling!!!" And my mother yelled, "Yes, you are!!!" And I was wishing that I had some weapon in my room to hit it over this guy's head! He went on to fix something in my mother's room... blasting rap and singing loudly. towards my door! :-o

One of my favorite aunts, Aunt Marie, she was over at that time. She's a lot rough around the edges and always speaks her mind, I love her for it! I heard her yell loudly, "The guy is on crack! When he leaves, after you pay him, he's heading to the nearest crack-house!" LOL! I was laughing up a storm in my room. That's when the rap stopped and he rushed away. Whew...

I am not interested! I wish he would take the hint! I don't know what else to do, to prove it to him... other than tossing him over the railing of my front porch and yelling, "Leave me alone!!!" :-(

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I'm so glad that I can read people well.