Im worried I won't do as well as last year. I also really need t forget out of this community college life because it's so predictable and boring. I really wish to be more independent. I need to learn how to do crucial things in life! Like laundry, and driving on my own all the time, and learning to sell my own books on amazon and mail them to the place... and just everything ahhhh. I know i should really be enjoying this life where I don't have to much, but its driving me insane, that it seems like everyone else is so much more independent than I am :3. Add to that my anxiety and dependent personalty traits lol. (and over protective and over involved parents.) ahhh i really should be more grateful.
rosepetalsgirl rosepetalsgirl
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This is literally me but I just find the right friends and gain my parents trust because one they trust you rules become more of an expectation not a priority but school goes by quickly if you like what your doing but nobody likes school lol