They Expected A Sorry?

There I was,

at church. Someone said something, and my brother, not being a church goer, was a little confused. So I was explaining it to him. The woman sitting in front of me turned around and started telling us to shut up. She said she wasn't yelling, but she was speaking very harshly, witch is just as bad as yelling.

We were mad, but after church she yells at me even more! I'm trying to explain myself, and she's just saying "You need to be quiet now before you get in trouble." Like she's the boss of me? She wouldn't even let me say anything! The pastors wife walks up saying "Emoralynn", but she has no idea whats going on! Yet, she's looking at me like I'm doing something wrong, by not letting some grown *** woman stomp all over me.

I started yelling now "Listen to me! You aren't my mother, and my mother raised me to speak my mind. So don't you tell me to shut up! You won't even let me explain myself, when you really were wrong. Don't speak harshly toward me, or my family."

The hole time she kept repeating over and over again, "Be quiet before you get in trouble." Than I got up and went outside. I was so mad it made me cry. Than my brother found me and asked what was wrong. I told him and he went inside to tell the lady not to talk to me that way. I didn't want him too, but you know brothers, they never listen.

Now I'm sure I have more yelling coming up, from a lot of people, because they wouldn't even listen to my side of the story. I'm sure she told her side, but she only wants to make sure she sounds like an angel and I'm the spawn of satan. Can't wait to hear about this one.

Faidle Faidle
18-21, F
Feb 7, 2010