I Let Them Think So...

thats bc I am never say out loud that I am "a smart ***!!!!" lmao , I will never do that ahahaha
maybe thats bc I have a hearing and focussing problem so sometimes I didnt understand when ppl talking fast or in the crowd, that make me missed the conversation and when someone asked me, I have no idea what they talked about, some ppl called me a slow thinker, I accept that with smile ^ _ ^.the other reason is bc I never comfortable to show off my ability, or my skill or other.. I dont want ppl think I am smart, and more prominent I just want to be average..I am almost never showed my anger in public, or around my friend, I use to joke alot and laugh at everything ppl think I never b serious in life, and last I was involved with drugs,many ppl thought that there isnt a smart junkie that somehow true drugs shrinked my brain a bit lol! and I admitted I am a little to honest and to much trust my friends well when sometimes they lied to played, I get in trap easily, they called me naive ^ ^

I take all that names, fool, naive, buffering brain with smile,am not angry to it but sometimes they treat me like I am really dumb and knows nothing
the truth is I am not that stupid, I passed my school with good marked, even I have known as bad *** boy, who liked to skipped school and lazy, teacher were hated me but they cant do anything since I never had low grade,unless 4 math lol!
I graduated and have my bachelor degree in 21 yo, maybe I will have *** laude if I wasnt too much played, hang outs, and drunk (but am not regret it, I have bestfriends till now, we have cool memories that not even a certificate could replace), I like to read, everything!! I have a good analytical in ppl personalities and social problem, sometimes political too (lol! u can votes me),
I am sorry if I dont have a good English grammar, (well some ppl in EP think I am stupid bc of this), I nevr really learn English in school (well we not using this languange, so I just learned English subject 2 hours a week started from "this is a book", later I take a 6 months courses when 15 yo then stopped bc I was busy chasing and dating girls , I just continued to learned this languange only by reading books, watching movies, listening the songs, and chatting the net lol, and big thanks to google translate)
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Thats's good. So, what is your language like? I mean what do you think should be my first lesson? counting? alphabets? sentences? or grammar?

like chinese languange we seem have only lil grammar so it would be easy for u
the alphabets r same in latin mean a b c only different in pronounciation :) maybe u should start in prounounce and u better msg me not in here lol ^ ^

Can you teach me your language here? A little bit? No. actually more than a little bit? ;-)

offcourse no problem ^ ^

What's your native language?

Indonesian languange

English is a difficult language. Many people have trouble with it.