I See Alot Of Self Pitty.

i want to be dead that is all. i hate the idea of suicide its stupid and comes from people that want attention. people that kill themselves are either stupid or want everyone to take a look at what their life has become. i just want to not wake up one morning that is all. i have no seeping sad story nothing has pushed me to the point of wanting this. i just want it because i feel i don't belong here. its not that i don't fit in i do that amazingly i can get almost any girl i want i have an abundance of friends. its more of the fact that i feel that i was born in the wrong time or maybe the wrong place. i can play the chamelion very well but the fact is that there is nobody else like me. im 25 met thousands of people through the highschools colleges and the navy. not one of them could see me on my level i could pretend to be on theirs but it is unsatisfying. the world we live in is a very very sad place and i can see through everyones mask its funny how they keep pretending even after you point it out. i'd put money that everyone that has posted here has tried to seek psych advice. but they'll tell you the same **** any good friend would but you as humans wont take that advice because you haven't paid for it. that is the stupidest most ignorant thing i have ever seen. yet it still happens. point is i just dont belong here. there is alot more to my story but thats for another time. i haven't given up on life and i dont want to kill myself i just feel like i need to die but god will not grant me that wish for whatever reason he has deamed i am still around. but until then alls i can do is just wait.
tyler0durden tyler0durden
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I don't think suicide is stupid. It's just taking one's own life at will rather than waiting.