First of all i'd like to reiterate that like the group says- i'm NOT suicidal, in fact, i never have ever considered killing myself, but i do want to stop existing.  All i want is someone to love me- everyone wants that, i'm not different.

but i don't have anyone like that.  i don't have a loving mother or father.  My grandmother is too enveloped in her own problems to see me.  My favourite aunt has four kids of her own, and to top it off my three best friends have decided they don't care about me anymore.  they don't want to hang out. 

i am not a crybaby.

i am not a whiner.

i am just more alone than i have ever been in my entire life and i'm tired of it.

I am not a piece of trash- i am human being and i deserved to be loved.

now how the hell am i going to find someone to love me?

sometimes i wish i was a sociopath- they don't have to deal with retarded emotions.

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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

Sometimes people have found that Jesus loves them in a way that's really significant and real in their lives. I haven't found that, but maybe you could.