My Attempt At Piano, For Him.

Every time we set a date which we thought would be suitable for a visit, something came up. First I got sick, a double whamy of mono and pneumonia. Then because of my prolonged absence from school I had to use the winter holidays as catch-up time for my upcoming exams. So really, I haven't seen him since the end of September.. 5 months. Jesus, I've missed him.

I am so excited, so terribly excited. Because money is an issue these days, I decided not to go out and buy him a nice gift for the post-Christmas/Valentine's period, but instead to surprise him by learning his favorite piano piece ("Comptine D'un Autre Eté", by Yann Tiersen). See, this was actually a big deal for me 'cos I haven't touched a piano in over 3 years. But thankfully one of my best friends is a Grade 8 pianist and helped me with the music reading and overall learning of the piece. I hope this isn't terribly cheesy and is at least vaguely appreciated. I mean, it did take me almost a month to get it perfect... I still have just under a week to get the speed up and incorporate the pedal. I've decided I'm going to take him on a tour of my school when he arrives on Friday because classes won't be on although school is still open for mid-term teacher meetings and stuff. Anyway, I'm going to casually show him all my classes and then lead him underground to the music department, ladida, tell him to sit down beside the Steinway grand piano and I'll just start playing.

I really can't wait to see his reaction. I'm hoping it'll be something memorable for him, because I did this with all my heart and love. And, even though I'm afraid of screwing up, it's the thought that counts right? I think...

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Yeah I really hope so. Thanks guys!

How wonderful. i believe it is better than going out and buying a gift; you are trying to learn to play a piece of music that is cherished by him. Regardless of whether or not you get it %100 (unless he's OCD) I think he will love this personal gift immensely.

That would be beautiful, he will love it. God bless! :-)