For Those of You Who....

...know Leiza350. I just wanted to let you all know how she is doing after her surgery on Tuesday. If you didn't know, she had carpal tunnel in both hands, and had surgery on both. She is doing well. I PM'd her husband and this was his response...


Hello Chris.

Leiza is doing Well, I think she thought that the Doctor wasn't going to put her to sleep for her operation, but He thought it best, because she is a vary nervous person, when it comes to any invasive procedure. She was only in the operating room about 40 minutes, and has about 10 stitches in each hand. The Doctor said she will be as good as new in about three to five weeks, and the stitches should come out in 7 days, although she should be able to use her hands for light work, like typing ,and taking care of her self. I am not taking her to Pittsburgh, I'm going to take care of her here, Ill keep you posted as to how she is so you can let every one know.



I though I would post this story for those of you who wish to send her your thoughts.


Update 02-21-2009:

I have been talking to Leiza's Husband on PM's. He says she is doing well. He said he was going to take her on a drive today to the beach to get her out of the house.


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hay pixie ....great to see you ....

Glad you are back too!!! (((HUGS)))

Glad you're back.

Thank you Chris, und every one else for your warm comments und ishes slowly getting back to going to work on playing my piano i little see if it doesnt kill my fingers .....the stiches went today... so im good <br />
thanks again ..<br />

Thank you Chris for sharing this.<br />
<br />
Get well Leiza, things are never the same without you. I hope you'll be able to play the piano soon.

Hey Chris! Thanks sweetie. I love you leiza

thanks for sharing chris!

Get well soon Leiza...