Okay so this boy kissed me and then later that night his best friend kissed me and I didn't want hkm to. The first boy and I were flirting a lot and I knew he was going to kiss me. the first guy and I are now dating but I feel like he should know about his best friend kissed me but I don't want him to get mad
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Honesty is very important !!! First tell him that you are telling him this because you believe in being honest!! That it is bugging you !! And you can't sleep ! Then tell him the truth!! If you start lying and hiding things you want be happy !!

I told him^_^ he was a little upset but he highly respects me for telling the truth even though I was scared. He want so nice with the other guy that kissed me. Mainly because he was his friend, but lied about him behind his back and betrayed hi more than just by kissing his girlfriend. They're pretty okay now though

Yes they will be!! But you have to be honest with any person that you are having a relationship !! If you don't then later when you are going to not last long in a marriage !! I've been married 38 yrs!! Talk I important

😩 your only 15 AT THE OLDEST. Stop worrying about boys! I WISH I would've listened to my parents and left the boys alone! It cuts the amount if drama in your life IN HALF. My advice is to stay single. You're a child!


*of OMG I'm typing too fast

I know I should and I'm not worried about having a relationship. It's just that boy one is also a good friend, and we started dating. I get a guilty conscious and I feel he should know, but do you think I should tell him his friend kissed me?

No. Because he doesn't own you. You can kiss who you want. And if he's butt hurt over it, he isn't a very good friend then.

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