I didn't know where to write this so i'll write here.This chick just insulted my grandpa and now i'd like to kick her teeth in,but i wont because i'm a lady. It just makes me so mad considering i just lost him ugh.
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Yes it sad that people are jerks!! I hope you told her that she hurt your feelings!!!! Maybe she dosent know?? But it was great that you keep your cool!!

But if you don't say something to her like a lady than she is going to think it ok to say that stuff!! So please tell her how you feel

Little story!!

I've been married for 38 yrs. I'm a southern lady! Anyway my dad was a character!! He could hunt and fish in ways that most never thought of!! Any way his mother has thought it was a subject that she could talk about when ever she wants!! Well I have talked to my husband many times to tell his mom to stop!! That is a subject that I don't like to talk about!! That was his life not mine!! Any way we was at a restaurant with people I've never meet!! So I'm being quiet and listen to them so I can see if I'm going to like them or not!! ( oh yes they are cops). Any way she ask me if my southern grandmother fished like my dad!! I got so mad because 1 she was a lady very religious !! 2 she wasn't his mom and she know that 3 why even bring this up????? So as a lady I waited until we got in the car and my husband got it!! 4 days later he got divorce papers!! Because he has never talked to her!! About how this hurt my feelings!!

So this is what I want you to learn from this . Tell people that they are hurting your feeling!! Don't hide them!! Be nice but say hey look I don't like what you said and I don't care what you think but please keep your thoughts to your self!!

Even if it an adult! They don't need to say things that hurt others

I'm from the south as well,my papa was a character also :) haha

Then I'm telling you this talk to that person!! Tell them you love him and you don't want to hear bad things!! That you believe in being respectful to the dead !! And to please don't do it!!