I've had seven boyfriends and never even had a first kiss yet. Like I've been kissed but it was so fast I almost feel like it doesn't count? And I've never been on a date either.
I'm so embarrassed. I hate that I've been kissed (very lightly and awkwardly) only once even though I've had so many chances.
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So where is this wrong??????? You are a LADY !! This isn't wrong you are a rare thing in this crazy world of sex!! I didn't get my first kiss until I was 16 when I could date!! My granddaughter just had her first at 15!! Don't be in such a hurry!! You don't want everyone to think you are easy!! So let your first be one to remember

(Wasn't talking about sex)
*jeankachew made it about sex*

No I didn't the only thing I was talking about was kissing

Then why are you talking about "a crazy world of sex"

Because the tv and books is nothing but that seems to be every one else thing !! But it's sure not mine!!

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