I waste all my money on people that don't like me daily. Even though I know they don't like me, and I know they never will and are just using me, I can't stop myself from saying no.
God, it's like I'm addicted to it.
But in all seriousness if like some advice if anyone has any to share.
themFeels themFeels
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

My granddaughter had this problem!! I bought her a car!! And everyone was using her for the car!! Until one day I was sitting next to her !! One of them called and told her to take them some place!! I ask her do they pay ! She said no!! So I had her call them back and tell them no!! She did and yes they got mad because for the first time she stood up to them!! So the next time was easier!! And so on!! I know this is very hard!! But have some one that is strong help you!! Yes that they well get mad but you need to get stronger Or you are never going to have anything because every one else is going to have it