I'm Over Her Now

Its only happened over the last couple of days. It actully happened when i was watching forgetting sarah marshal lol =S. ironic isnt it lol. I've realised that us as a couple are not ment to be.

I mean she's an amazing girl and i love her to bits, but i am happy being just a friend. If something is planned for us in the future then thats sweet, if not, thats also cool. I'm actully ok with that. She has a new boyfriend now, he seems really cool ae, and im happy for her, which is something that i didnt think i would feel lol.

I've relised that although we arnt life love partners, she still is a big person in my life, and i will forever hold her very close to my heart. She will always come first just because she is so dear to me. Our relationship isnt that great at the moment, we argue alot, and are ignoring eachother. I really dont like it ae and i want it to just stop so we can move on with life. Im just hoping that we can be close friends again. Like we used to be. We've been through alot together, and if we can get though a break up and become friends again, then we will be able to get through anything lol.

I can now say that i am over her and i've let that ship sail. Im just living in hope for friendship now

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

thanks guys, Trails, i understand where you are coming from, but that is something that i wont let happen. I will always be there for her whenever she needs me but i won't let anything like that happen. I belive that we will be alright just because of the relationship we ended up with when we were dating. After steping back and looking at it, it felt more like a good friendship with a sex life, rather than a love partnership.

It's so much better, that you part as good friends.The only draw back is,what if the boyfriend is not ok with that, you two being pals.I wished you could have worked it out.It sounds like you both still care for each other.I wouldn't coun't on being good friends.Some times that can lead to feeling good in each others arms.She could have a miss understanding with her new guy come to your place and in the back of her mind she will have you.A glass of wine can do wonders then what.I do wish you well,take it oneday at a time.If you wish her the best then let her face her new life alone so she can cross her own bridges she will become strong and learn she does not need a broken love, along with a new love.If you really care about her happiness let her go. I wish you and her all the happiness in the days ahead