I Need To Be

Ok, I still have feelings for her, but after finding out about her sexual activities I have less feelings for her.  If it was all about sex and thats it I wouldn't mind how she has acted as it would be just a mutual benefit like online sex only for each of us.  But I started falling for her.  I have realised thank you to EP, that actually it is not worth the hurting.  I will just accept that I cannot have her, it is not worth having someone your thinking of when they will just be having fun regardless without you.  Will anything ever happen between us if and when i finally meet her? who knows, but I am not worrying about it - if it does then it does, but I now know she does not want me for a relationship - I thankfully have that clear. I am not going to hurt over something that I now know I will not get. 

kingofnothing kingofnothing
26-30, M
Feb 22, 2010