Okay,CallumSanderson told me that Animatedwolf and a two others attacked him two weeks ago. Aniwolf explain! If you don't explain in 3 days time,I'll move you down to Omega! Got it!? If this was your old pack,tell me! As for the other two wolves who hurt him,I need an explanation from ya'll too,or ya'll will be put down to Omega as well! Thank you. Ya'll two wolves time limit for telling me is 3 days time too. I'm not gonna take any **** from ya'll! Either ya'll tell me,or you get put down to Omega! If anyone knows any information on the wolves that did this,tell me immediately! Aniwolf,if it wasn't you I'm sorry. That was the info Callum gave me. I'm not taking his word for it,but I will be wary. Thank you for reading.
Goldpaw Goldpaw
Dec 8, 2012