pepsi how dare u? after all these yrs drinking u and now i see that u have betrayed me...grr pepsi grr

now, i must eat many pineapples

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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6 Responses Feb 13, 2010

LMFAO hahaha oh i'll tell u through PM lol.<br />
<br />
you will laugh so hard

What is this? I heard nothing about Pepsi's conspiracy!!!<br />
<br />
But then again I am a Coke girl.

lmfao i got bored, and thought i'd help spread the word about the conspiracy of pepsi causing yuckies lol

I saw that. You are hilarious!!!!

:|<br />
<br />
umm no lol im not having fizzy pepsi pee. i think that would actually be extremely painful hahaha <br />
<br />
i even have the pineapple song as the song for the group :)

Lol at least you aren't ******* Pepsi. I would freak if my pee fizzed like Pepsi.