Something super weird just happened to me I think I need medical help but it's to weird
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From reading the comments below sounds like you're perfectly normal.

what happened?


of course
what happened?

well yeah i can imagine that would happen. ive never had it happen. but the muscles that are responsible for the ****** in females also hold up the bladder. so yeah if ur bladder were spasming (the urge to pee) and u hold it in long enough ur bladder will continue to expand an im sure press down on those muscles and id think make them spasm (which is what an ****** is muscle spasms.)

btw the reason u pee'd is because once the spasm started up it pressed on ur bladder and forced the urine out.

nothing. just shows everything is working right down there. lol

yw ;)

Cool. I sort of like that.

i think u have a perv whos into golden showers on u here. lol

lmao yeah ur right he might be a urologist. so DOC hows her urinary track sound to u??? A OK???

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