yeah.its my real aware of me!!
sometimes im so calm and i act so good, its only for few hours or few days!but if you say sth that i dont like i change in a second!!!
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Hey Roshana, there was no need to say that, I know you are so absolutely Selfish!!!!!!!! Oh, you forgot something............Bossy and strict :)..........You know what I am afraid of pointing your positive qualities too, Because I know how much Selfish you are.......Anyway, You are the Best. (Pleaseeee don't be proud and selfish of my last sentence)

ok erpan!!!!!

but you know im the best friend!! 0.0

OMG, but I asked you not to be Selfish again!?!! 0.0

i cant lie! everyone knows im the best!even your aunt! :p

Oh, She made a Big Big mistake! (if she knows I said it, she will kill me!!!) hey it is not fair at all, you have supports but I am Alone :(!!!!

you have parmis in your side!

Hahaha, She is with you, her Sis is in my side!

oh!ok!i forgot it!

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